My biggest advice...

1) Don't stress or worry about mess or clutter. Being a mom myself, I totally understand! If you have time you can declutter but if not, we may have to move things around when I get there. Don't take offense to it. I just remove what could be distracting in a photo.

2) Mom, wearing a dress with flow to it looks best but if you want to wear jeans and a sweater that works too! Try to stick to neutral colors or soft pastels and avoid logos for dad. Also, shoes don't matter. Dad's usually go with socks but moms can do barefoot or socks as well.

3) We will stick to the rooms in your home that have the best natural light. You can show me the rooms you are thinking of using once I arrive. I mainly use the master bedroom, nursery, and living room.

4) White or neutral bedding looks best.

5) I use what ever you have in your home (blankets, swaddles, baby outfits, baskets, hats/headbands, etc.) but if you would like me to bring something specific, let me know. I have been bringing a large basket to my sessions lately.

6) Comfortable outfits for the baby work best. Think knit like the outfit below or just go with a sleeper set.

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